Having built a loyal online following through striking digital art, Mishko has also worked with Disney, Calvin Klein, Instagram, Fenty, Apple and HBO–along with making merch for BTS, Janet Jackson, Nirvana and more. Feeling isolated as a gay person growing up in a small Oregon logging town, Instagram became a major motivator for Mishko to connect with others across the world. He eventually moved to Los Angeles and started chasing his biggest passion - music - inspired by everything from R&B hip-hop and jazz to electro, psychedelic 70s rock and that sound when you tap a wine bottle with a weed pen. Lyrically influenced by relationships, growing up gay, navigating living with bipolar, ADHD, anxiety, etc., Mishko strives to create music that connects with audiences on a deeper level, while still letting them dance and rejoice. He’s currently working on way too many singles to end the year with before completing the third EP and switching focus to his debut full length.

Mishko has been compared to artists include Still Woozy, Zack Villere, Omar Apollo, Toro y Moi, Glass Animals, and Yeek.

"show me you're gay and mentally ill in one album"
"This EP is a collection of songs created over May 2021. A shift towards hope began to creep in and I found myself obsessively working on these four tracks as a celebration and reflection. For too long I felt almost as though writing unabashedly from my gay perspective would be cliche/cringe. The pandemic provided me with an incubator phase to fully confront and pick apart the internalized shame I hadn't realized was rooted so deep within me. I started to feel a need and responsibility to write with a lighthearted but honest approach about my life growing up gay in a small logging town to the growth I've found now. There's also a lot of themes I pulled from living with bipolar, ADHD, anxiety, and the toll of emotional abuse. I'm trying to make my pain help others as much as I possibly can. I want to make the songs I wish I could've heard when I was lost in the closet. I didn't even plan to release this during Pride, but the stars aligned and here we are now. June 20th is the five year mark of the first time I started being able to audibly tell people "I'm gay." Five years later and it's time to get my sex icon phase on lock.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it :)"

Written, produced & mixed by Mishko
(lil me mixed by Mortal Thing)

Mastered by Neill Von Tally

for more information: mishko.co@gmail.com